At Salon Paige, we have specialized in women’s haircuts since our start in 2014. All of our stylists have many years of experience in working with women’s hair and will have you looking and feeling fabulous. You can trust that your hair is in good hands. We know how frustrating and embarrassing it is when you get a bad haircut – that’s why we make sure that you love the way you look every time! Whether you want to change up your entire look or if you just want a trim, our stylists have got you covered. We can trim bangs, give you a pixie cut, and so much more. Our stylists have an eye for style and can adapt each look to look great with your unique facial structure. Plus, we also do hair coloring services, perms, and so much more! To find your perfect look, come to Salon Paige today!

As a man, it’s often difficult to find a hair salon that also caters to men. If you’re looking for a beauty salon that isn’t solely woman-focused, come to Salon Paige! Since our establishment in 2014, we have specialized in both women’s and men’s haircuts, so that all of our clients can come into our salon and enjoy our haircutting services. Our salon stylists have many years of experience in styling men’s hair. We stay up-to-date on the latest styles in order to provide you with a current look that matches your personal style. From fades to shaves, we will have you leaving our salon looking and feeling incredible. Whether you want to change up your look or just get a trim to maintain your current look, our stylists will make sure that you’re satisfied with your new cut. To make an appointment, call us today!

DIY hair dyeing jobs often don’t turn out the way you want them to. Instead of potentially ruining your hair, let the professionals handle it. At Salon Paige, our hair stylists have many years of experience with cutting and coloring hair, so you can trust us to make your hair look incredible every time. We can help you achieve your desired color. Whether you want to go lighter or darker, our stylists work hard to make it happen. We can even do brighter colors, if desired. We know which shades work well with your skin tone and apply the dye in such a way to add dimension and style to your hair. Don’t rely on the box dyes at your local convenient store; come to our salon whenever you want to change up the color of your hair! To make an appointment, call us today!

Hair highlights are a great way to add texture and dimension to your hair. Plus, this hair style is popular for those wanting to brighten up their look without making any drastic changes to their hair. Hair highlights give you that beachy, sun kissed look that people love to have during the summer. If you want hair highlights, come to Salon Paige! At our salon, we have many years of experience in cutting and coloring hair. Our hair stylists know just what to do to make your hair look beautiful. We can add subtle babylights, or more drastic highlights to brighten up your look even more. Want to darken you look? Try lowlights! In addition, we can even do ombre or balayage looks if you’re interested in lightening up the ends. Call us today to make an appointment, or swing by our salon if you have any questions!

Perms are making a comeback from the 80s! Perms no longer mean a ridiculously poofy lion’s mane head of hair. Today, people get perms to add more volume and texture to their hair. If you’re sick and tired of your flat, straight hair, a perm may be right for you! One of the benefits of a perm is that you no longer have to curl your hair every morning in order to add that desired amount of curl. At Salon Paige, we specialize in doing perms. Our salon stylists have many years of experience in working with hair, so you can trust that your hair is in good hands. We will have your hair looking beautiful by the time we’re done with it, and we can even tell you proper hair care to do after you get your perm. Plus, we offer affordable rates! Interested in getting a perm? Come to Salon Paige today!